The Future of SEO. Go Local Podcast, Episode 03

Go Local Podcast 3 - The Future of SEO. Anna Chandler, Austin Montgomery, Morgan Erickson, Kim Greiner

The world of SEO is ever-changing and evolving into new strategies, best practices, and tactics to beat out the competition. The struggle of most in the industry is keeping up with all the changes and innovating to find a new way to accomplish the same goals we’ve all had since the beginning: to win the SERP equivalent of a gold medal.

That top organic first place listing (now technically the third place listing) is what we all yearn for and work to achieve for a variety of search terms on a daily basis. But the world of search is changing now more than ever. Join us as we discuss the new ways in which our lives are constantly connected to SEO more and more each day.

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The panel:

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