Matt L

Matt L.

Manager of Content Production

in Product, Organic, Content

If you need a rollercoaster buddy, have a question about the Kansas City Royals, or are craving intriguing conversation about anything and everything, Matt is your go-to guy. He’s curious, which is why he’s focused on learning as much as he can to make the content team — and Go Local as a whole — run like a well-oiled machine. When he’s not crafting and curating content for clients, Matt can be found playing his trumpet or French horn in a variety of community ensembles or writing about Kansas City baseball for the website Royals Review.

Loves: Video games, books, baseball, his wife, his two cats (Tom and Zither), absorbing random information, thinking about anything interesting, jokes

Aspirations: Improving the bite-sized parts of content creation – the ultimate test of being concise, precise, and interesting with precious resources (like the character in Hatchet, but without the bears and wilderness)

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