Caleb R

Caleb R.

Business Systems Analyst

in Product

In Caleb’s long career with Go Local, he’s worn many hats, from SEO guru to Director of Product. Currently, Caleb plies his unnerving amount of Microsoft Excel wizardry and passion for process improvement as Director of Agency Initiatives. From overhauling our workflows to making our reporting dashboards better, Caleb helps drive the agency forward into new territory. When he’s not cracking a joke at the office, you’ll probably find Caleb playing and making videos about the newest, most fascinating video games—and, true to form, cataloguing them into an extremely detailed Excel spreadsheet.

Aspirations: Becoming a Unity3D expert, being an even better dad and husband, improving video game development skills

Awards: Client Services Awards - 2012 | Team MVP - 2013 | Manager of the Year - 2012, 2013 | Product Revenue Growth - 2014 | MVP of the Year - 2015 | Most Humorous - 2015 | Most HR Complaints - 2015 | Wikipedia Award - 2016

Certifications: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Analytics Academy - Google Tag Manager Fundamentals & Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals, Microsoft Excel - Basic and Advanced Online Course, Google Analytics- Digital Analytics Fundamentals Certification & Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions Certification, Google AdWords Mobile Adertising Certification

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