Caleb R

Caleb R.

Director of Agency Initiatives

in Leadership, Product

When he’s not acting as GLI’s crude joke-teller and resident short guy, Caleb is doing awesome work on all things processes and people. Once an SEO Super Specialist (he’s seriously that good), Caleb now ensures our products and services are the best they can be for our clients. That requires a lot of meetings, a lot of planning and strategy, and an excessive amount of listening (read: community therapist). As far as life aspirations, he can’t wait until he’s out of shape enough that walking is considered valid exercise. If you ask him, he’s not too far from that point (we beg to differ). If you’re lucky enough to speak with him, be on the listen for the word ‘parenthetical.’ The guy loves to drop it into random conversation (and the excessive use of parentheticals is our tribute to him).

Aspirations: Video game development, Unity3D expert, and being able to eat toast better (we seriously can’t make this stuff up)

Awards: Client Services Awards - 2012 | Team MVP - 2013 | Manager of the Year - 2012, 2013 | Product Revenue Growth - 2014 | MVP of the Year - 2015 | Most Humorous - 2015 | Most HR Complaints - 2015 | Wikipedia Award - 2016

Certifications: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Analytics Academy - Google Tag Manager Fundamentals & Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals, Microsoft Excel - Basic and Advanced Online Course, Google Analytics- Digital Analytics Fundamentals Certification & Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions Certification, Google AdWords Mobile Adertising Certification

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