How Reviews Can Push Your Small Business to the Top

Did you know search engines love reviews as much as you do?Narrow Down the Consumer’s Options

Local businesses have a lot of competition. Whether it’s a large national company, regional chain, or local business, consumers have a variety of options when selecting who they will, or won’t, do business with. So when it comes down to it, reviews are essential in keeping your small business afloat. Reviews are important and effective but must also be properly managed. Today, we are sharing about how reviews can work in you and your business’s favor.


Do you read online customer reviews to determine whether a local business is a good business? Graph showing "yes, regularly","yes, occasionally", "no" for years 2011, 2012, 2013.

Customer reviews play a huge role in the online marketplace by affecting:

  • Rankings through various search engines
  • Customer purchasing patterns
  • Which search results actually get clicked

Get Out of the Search Engine Clutter

Whether or not you attract digital customers is heavily dependent on where your business ranks within search engine results. When using a popular search engine like Google, customers are more likely to pick one of the top results and rarely make their way to the second page. Cultivating reviews of your products and services can positively affect that ranking and will eventually help push your business out of the clutter of search engine results.

Customer purchasing patterns tend to reflect public opinion on a company; 80 percent of consumers said they are more likely to purchase products or services in-store if there are positive reviews on the company’s website, mobile site or Facebook page. This also makes them more likely to do business with that company again in the future.

Search Engines Love Reviews 

After all, they are in the business of providing people with accurate information and assisting them in making informed decisions. By promoting positive reviews of your products and services, you create a direct, positive influence on your business’s rankings in search results, which in turn increases the chances for site clicks.

Customer reviews have become an increasingly integral method of separating yourself from the pack in today’s competitive online marketplace, and it’s something everyone should keep an eye on when promoting business growth. It may not be just your reputation at stake, but it could be the one thing that’s keeping you in business.

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