How to Keep Your Social Media Audience Engaged

Stop the messy break-ups and keep your social media audience head over heels with your content.

Need a few ideas to jumpstart your engagement on social media? Maintaining your loyal followers and friends is crucial to the success of any social media marketing strategy.

According to a study from ExactTarget and CoTweet, at least four out of five consumers have ended a relationship with a brand or company over Facebook, Twitter or email because of repetitive or boring messaging.  

Stop the messy “break-ups” and keep your social media audience head over heels with your content by using these helpful ideas:

1. Be relevant and interesting

Don’t lose the interest of your followers by posting about similar topics each week. Stand out! Try offering unique incentives that rewards followers who share one of your posts, or provide behind-the-scenes knowledge that your fans will value.

2. Launch a video contest

Using video is one of the easiest ways to attract your audience. Create a video contest with a public voting feature that draws followers to your page. Creating a video can be a lot of work, so make the prize appealing to attract as many participants as possible.

3. Share customer stories

Ask customers to share their story about how they use your products. Try using Twitter with a fun hashtag to easily track entries or offer a quirky prize for the best entry related to your business to catch attention.

4. Ask for customer ideas

People love sharing their opinions on just about everything. Ask your customers and fans to help you improve your products or services. Encourage them to share their ideas about new product names, colors or features.

5. Create an awareness campaign

Connect with a social cause, such as Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA), to create an awareness campaign that can spread knowledge and make a difference in a unique way.  Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign asked people to show how they take action in the fight against breast cancer. The multimedia submitted for this project was then shared globally on World Cancer Day, February 4, 2016. This is an inspiring example of how a strong campaign for a good cause can invite people around the world to take action.

Whichever option you choose, remember to be consistent and offer relevant content on a regular basis. Keep your followers interested!  

What do you think about these engagement ideas? Have you used any of these tactics to increase conversation? We’d love to hear from you! Get in contact with Go Local to learn how diversified social media content will increase your overall social media audience and drive digital marketing success.

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