How to Plan for Instagram’s News Feed Algorithm Change

This new implementation will allow users to see more of the content they care about and are more likely to interact with.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is now following suit by implementing algorithmic news feed for users. The reasoning behind this is to better personalize users’ feeds based on interest and relationships, rather than having all of the posts in chronological order. According to Instagram, the average user is missing almost 70 percent of the photo’s that come to their feed. This new implementation will allow users to see more of the content they care about and are more likely to interact with. Instagram maintains that all posts will still be there, just in a different order  that optimizes the content. This algorithmic feed will not be implemented immediately, which means you have time to prepare. Being proactive on your social media sites will allow for more of an impact.

Following information provided by Kevin Shively at Simply Measured, here are insights on how to plan for the change and how it can affect your business:

First, we have to understand that the content people will see is what they are most interested in. This means that people who are already interacting with you will continue to have your content on top. This is an advantage because all of the work you have been doing will continue to show with the followers you already have.

Second, quality is valued over quantity. Instead of spamming your followers by asking for likes and interaction, best practices will include creating content that is relevant and engaging to your consumer. When Facebook updated its software in 2013, the network was actually penalizing pages that were asking for likes. Instagram will probably follow in those footsteps.

Third, organic reach will be impacted which means you will need to incorporate a paid strategy for a complete social media plan. This will allow for more reach and gives the opportunity to be seen by more consumers.

Fourth, there is a large chance that relationships between users will also be impacting the content that is being shown first on their timelines. This means follower count isn’t the only factor that you need to be thinking about. You will need to develop a “follow” strategy. Following people who seem to be interested in your product will in turn create more of a relationship with consumers and will then create more of an opportunity to be put at the top of your consumers’ Instagram feed.

Lastly, utilize influencers. What is an influencer you ask? Well these people are becoming a major component to advertising and promoting on Instagram. Influencers are people who have a high follower count and promote products on their profiles. Utilizing these influencers will allow for more people to migrate towards your page, follow your page, see your products and then potentially buy your products.


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