Jarred M

Jarred M.

SEO Coordinator

in Product, Organic, Search Engine Optimization

Jarred is an SEO Reporting machine and is officially our unofficial IT guy – he’s basically the computer-whisperer. But that’s not all he does for GLI. He’s also leading the way in complementing people’s shoes, which he takes great pride in. In his spare time, Jarred is either working out at the gym, or watching sports. His favorites are soccer and college basketball.

Loves: Computers, sports, rock climbing, backpacking, camping, mountains, pizza, soccer refereeing (i.e. his side hustle), basically anything that requires running

Aspirations: Being open to trying new things

Awards: Duct Tape Award - 2016, 2017 | Best Supporting Cast Member 2017

Certifications: Google Analytics

Jarred's Musings.