Daniel W

Daniel W.

Senior Development Operations Engineer II

in Product, Web

Daniel is a skilled and integral member of our development team. David writes custom web applications for our clients and also builds custom Content Management Systems. In addition, he helps to maintain our web hosting and application infrastructure. Daniel is great at teaching; he assists junior developers with learning the nuts-and-bolts of web development. When he’s not at work, chances are he’s still working because he wants to deliver the best product to our clients. Otherwise, he’ll be playing one of his guitars or chasing after his kids. While we’re not sure how he does both at one time, we’d like to watch him try.  

Loves: His wife and children, reading, cooking, science, philosophy, theology, Google Music, writing code

Aspirations: Writing great code, cross departmental education processes, and having a work/life balance

Awards: GLI MVP - 2016 | Strong Roots Award - 2018 | GLI Values Award - 2020

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