Local Listings Accuracy Increases 27% in 3 Months

Campaign Goal:

Correct inaccurate business information online

A regional grocery store chain was in need of a solution to address their inaccurate online business listings. The store chain wanted to ensure that potential customers searching online found the most up-to-date and accurate store contact information including business name address, phone number, and website, thereby ensuring a positive customer experience.


Combine data correction at the aggregator level with data correction at the individual online business directory level

Go Local Interactive saw an opportunity to improve listing accuracy across the internet by providing correct store information on a monthly basis to top data aggregators. Go Local Interactive collected the business information for all store locations and provided it monthly across over 230 online and mobile listing sources via top data aggregators. Regular audits were performed to identify duplicate and inaccurate listings. Go Local Interactive’s editorial team then worked with each site to correct the inaccurate listings and remove any duplicates not addressed by the monthly data feeds.

The Results:

Listing accuracy increases from 71% to 98%

As a result of the monthly feeds, regular audits, and editorial team efforts to correct listing errors, the grocery store chain experienced an online business listing accuracy increase from 71% to 98% across six data fields in the just the first three months of working with Go Local Interactive. The data fields included business name, address, city, state, phone, and website URL.

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