How to Connect Your Brand and Audience

Creating your desired brand image can be challenging because it is almost entirely dictated by the audience's perception.

As much as we choose not to believe it, many of our decisions are not totally our own. In the marketing world, a variety of tactics are used to persuade customers to “buy into” products and services. For example, we know people are more likely to adopt beliefs of groups of people that they like or trust. But what causes someone to buy into a brand? Becoming loyal to a brand is a persisting decision, and  a larger commitment than a single purchase.

Creating your desired brand image can be challenging because it is almost entirely dictated by the audience’s perception. However, when it comes to branding, connecting emotionally is key. In the pursuit of brand creation, nothing is guaranteed, but here are several things to keep in mind throughout the process:

Improve Your Storytelling

In today’s world, it is much less about the product and a lot more about how and by whom the product is being used. When telling a story it’s important to convey what the brand means to people. Telling a story is a chance to show the audience what matters to the brand and where you come from. British Airlines India created this advertisement that perfectly embodies what it means to emotionally connect with your audience.

Speak the Audience’s Language

It’s impossible to appeal to everyone, and being too broad is counterproductive to a brand. Decide who your audience is and, more importantly, how to reach them. What media outlets does your audience prefer? What language does your audience speak? What does their daily life look like? Narrow your focus and create a message that speaks to one person. If you can speak to one, you will appeal to many.

Find What Makes You Unique

When establishing your brand identity it’s important to be very specific. What is separating your brand from its competitors? Fortunately, if you’ve narrowed down your audience or are working in a niche industry, establishing your uniqueness doesn’t have to be radical, it just has to be convincing

Take a Stand

This is arguably the most important part of establishing a successful brand. If you don’t know your values, then your audience certainly won’t. Although your company may identify with a variety of ethics and morals,  it is vital to narrow it down to just a few that matter most to your brand. Once you know your values – be consistent.

People will be constantly evaluating your brand and you should too. Know who you are, where you are going, and remain consistent. Brands are constantly changing and consistency is what helps navigate through the noise. Creating your desired image won’t happen overnight, so remember to be patient. If you are always looking for ways to connect with your audience you’ll always be headed in the right direction.

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