Bulk Verification

n. Allows you manage 10 or more business locations’ information for all google properties. Once you become bulk verified you are able to update and change contact details, descriptions, and pictures for every one of your business locations through Google. Having a verified account and updated information...


v. One of the most popular front-end frameworks used to make websites responsive to different devices. The program contains a set of common components that developers use to speed up the process of building a website by using plugins and code made to interact with each other....

Bounce Rate

n. The percentage of single-page sessions or sessions in which the person quickly left your site from entrance page without interacting with the page. When high bounce rate occurs it is usually caused from site design, usability issues, or if a user has found needed information on...

Boilerplate (text)

n. A snippet of text used across various platforms without the need for modification. This term originally came from the sheets of metal used to make water boilers. It was later adapted by printing companies as a name for the printing plates that were stamped into sheets...

Boilerplate (code)

The sections of code that have to be included in many places with little or no alteration. For more information see “Boilerplate (text).”


n. A regularly updated website or webpage where people creatively write about nearly anything (passions, hobbies, lifestyle, etc.) Blogs are typically written informally and run by one individual but some focus on art, videos (video blogs or “vlogs”), photography, music, and audio (podcasts) and are contributed to...

BC – Basecamp

n. A web-based project-management tool that was originally launched in 2004. Basecamp offers everything from to-do lists, file-sharing, and  milestone management to time-tracking and e-mail integration. It is also compatible with a host of other mobile and web apps.


n. Backlinks or “inbound links” are links from one web page to another either within the same website or on another website. Search engines crawl backlinks that a website has in order to determine that website’s popularity, ranking, and authority.


adj. The term for an application, processor, or program that is not directly accessed by the user. The back-end is where the data is stored that is then provided to the application or program upon request but not necessarily seen by the user.

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