AWS – Amazon Web Services

n. A hosting server for websites through The server is advertised to provide a large computing capacity faster and cheaper than building a server farm from the ground up. AWS was officially launched in 2006 and was intended to offer functionality that other developers could use...

Average Position

adj.  A statistic attributed to each keyword that refers to the average position on a search result page that an ad appears in when it’s triggered by that keyword. Average position determines in which order ads appear on a given page.

API – Application Program Interface

n. A set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Overall, a good API makes it easier for a programmer to develop a program by providing all of the necessary building blocks (think of them as shortcuts). API’s come in libraries that contain routines, data...

Average CPC – Average Cost-Per-Click

n. Found by dividing all clicks within a campaign by the amount of spending on that campaign. Average CPC is determined by actual CPC (the actual amount charged for a click on an ad), which is different than maximum CPC (the highest specified amount a click can...

ALT Tags

n. An HTML attribute that is specified in the image tag to provide alternative text options when an image cannot be displayed or loaded.


n. A public-domain open source web server. The first version of Apache was developed in 1995 by 20 volunteer programmers (called the Apache Group) and is based on the NCSA httpd web server.


prep. Similar to “Above-the-Fold” in that this term originally came from newspapers and was used to optimize text within a small spare. “After the jump” refers to the expandable content available within another area of a website. Typically this is seen in the “read more….” hyperlink at...


n. A website, business, or firm that collects various content such a news or music files to make them available in one place for a consumers convenience. For example, iTunes, YellowPages, and the Huffington Post.

Ad Extensions

n. Appendages that increase the size of an ad by including additional details or services.  Examples of ad extensions could include a phone number, address, or additional services offered that do not already appear within the ad copy itself.

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