CEO Monthly: June 2017

CEO Monthly

From the Desk of the CEO

I have spent this month working on several different topics and thought exercises, while also straying off the beaten path a bit.  There have been quite a few posts written, experiments conducted, and information shared that is useful to our readership here at Go Local Interactive.  As such, I have decided to start a monthly series here at Go Local Interactive to summarize the relevant and useful thinking and writing in a condensed format to use as you see fit. Today’s post marks the first deliverable in this endeavor and I hope you enjoy what you read.

Facebook Wins Commercial Breaks

It turns out that Facebook usage goes up during commercial breaks. Shocking. Facebook tested it. The chart shows it. We need to believe it. Read up.

Thoughts on Influencer Marketing

I love that influence has moved out of the hands of a few and into the hands of a few more.  Seriously though, we are in an era of micro-celebrities and niche celebrities. The challenge for us as marketers centers around leveraging those micro-celebrities in the best manner for our clients and brands. It is our job to harness the power of the influencers in order to make this happen.

Understanding the Mind

The most popular post this month was one that focused on the business ideas I have had over the course of my life.  The post looked at everything from toothpicks, to snowboards, to lead generation, to coffee, to a lot of things.  The post is basically a look inside the mind of a madman.  It was a soul-baring experience, but it was necessary.  The point was to build a list that helps readers understand what’s going on in this head of mine.

The Surprising Power of LinkedIn

Most people who create content also have a desire for that content to be discovered and enjoyed by others.  I have tested several social networks for their ability to generate awareness and drive traffic. A surprising result from those tests shows LinkedIn as a viable contender for referral traffic. Read up to find out why that is and what content has the best chance.

Colleges and Universities are Producing Generalists

We love colleges and universities. There is so much good that comes from going to college. Here’s the deal though, your freshly minted college graduate is still going to need training after hiring them. You can plan on it.

“Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferriss

I am in love with the book “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferriss.  This book resonates with me. It is a collection of interviews from some of the most successful people the world currently has to offer.  The cool thing is that “successful” can be so many things, which Tim covers well with the breadth of people he includes in the book. Find out more by reading my review of “Tools of the Titans.” You will be glad you took the time.

Focusing on Focus

Have you ever lost focus? Do you find yourself trying hard to stick with it and see something through to completion? I have literally come back to this particular blog post five times and still have more writing to go. See how I deal with focus and maybe you will find something that can help you with yours.

Let the Numbers Talk on Friday

Running an agency, or any business, requires that you know your numbers. Which numbers are key and which are noise?  Once those are identified, you need to measure and monitor. This blog post covers our process for weekly review of agency performance. There’s plenty in here to steal or borrow, so please feel free.

Wondering if Others Recognize Their Mistakes

We have information coming at us all throughout the day. In my line of work, we see companies make moves in the marketplace, we see people make moves individually, and we see the moves we ourselves make. This blog post is focused on the question of whether or not these companies and individuals recognize their mistakes as they are happening. It’s an interesting take on a situation each of us is faced with every day.

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