Stock vs Lifestyle Photography

Find your photography style - and stick with it.

Strategic photography can drastically change the tone of a design and have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.  In fact, Twenty20 cited that “65% more people remember a piece of information if it’s paired with an image.” And lately, there has been a big push towards more natural imagery.  So if you’re still using the stiff, impersonal stock-style photography that used to be popular, then you’re automatically dating yourself.

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In nearly every industry, it’s important to convey that your company is staying up-to-date on industry trends, creating new solutions, and ultimately staying relevant in this fast-changing world.

So, when I visit your website and it’s plastered with images that look like this:

posed stock photo family

Then, I have a hard time trusting you.  You claim to be to be innovative, but you sure don’t look it.

Here are three main reasons that lifestyle imagery is the superior choice to influence your audience.

Evoke Emotion

Real moments matter more.  Capturing a genuine laugh, a frustrated face, a moment of excitement – when you believe it, can be very powerful.  You can take on those emotions and put yourself in their shoes.  You feel what they feel.  Good photography allows you to set the tone and control the emotions of your audience.

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little girl cuddling with dog
mother hugging son

Relate to Your Audience

People like to see a familiar face.  So, knowing your target audience is very helpful when selecting imagery.  You should be choosing images that would fit descriptions of your target demographics.  What do they look like?  What would they be doing?  What would they be wearing?  These questions are things you’d want to ask yourself in order to create relatable imagery.

Not only do images tend to be more relatable when featuring people, they are more popular.  Social media posts receive significantly more engagement when an image is included and Instagram posts showing faces get 38% more likes than photos without (Georgia Tech).

woman reading while holding a mug

friends drinking

Personalize Your Look

Showing real people, partaking in believable actions allows you to provide a more personable, approachable look.  And just because lifestyle imagery is becoming the standard, doesn’t mean there isn’t room to create your own style within this photography genre.  By stylizing your photos with different lightening techniques, using different perspectives, and capturing interesting subject matter you will still be able to stand out.

You could even take it one step further and commission your own custom stock photo library.  Show your actual employees instead of models.  Really radiate the essence of your brand.  If you’re looking for a personal touch, custom photography would be an ideal option for your company.

people working
man and woman working on a laptop

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