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Each month we shine the light on one of our spectacular employees and give you a behind-the-scenes look into who they are outside of the office. This lady is super sweet and can really bust a move, introducing: Taylor Russo, Junior Art Director.

Young Taylor Russo in dance costumes with two friends

School/Degree: Kansas State University – B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications

Job Title: Junior Art Director

How did you find your way to Go Local? I first came in contact with Go Local at a K-State career fair where one of my Advertising professors introduced me to Go Local’s only designer at the time. We hit it off and the rest is history!

Taylor Russo and friends at KState graduation

What do you love most about your job here?  First, the people. Hands down, this place contains the best people you will ever work with. They’re funny, goofy, and they don’t judge me for the weird songs or sounds that come out of my mouth.

Second, I love the freedom I have to try new things and develop new skills. In just a year, Go Local has allowed me to expand my capabilities tremendously.

What do love most about working with (your product or department you work in)?  Everyone on the marketing department is so passionate and hard-working. I’m constantly pushed by my team to continue bettering myself.

Taylor Russo and two friends in front of "That's how we do KC" sign

What is your favorite Go Local memory?  A bunch of us did a Crawl for Cancer last year. Aside from dressing up as dinosaurs and having a blast, that was the day I met some of my best friends.

Taylor Russo and two co workers with "dinosaur hats"

When you’re not at work, what do you do for fun? Hang out with my work friends (yes, seriously!), go to brunch, read, pretend I’m learning how to play the guitar, dance, and sleep. For real, sleeping is fun you guys.

OK, pretend you have the day off. What would we find you doing? Sleeping in for sure. Then probably meeting up with friends, hitting up the drive-in, or hanging by the pool. If it’s winter, you can find me cuddled up with a good book or binge watching the latest hit on Netflix.

Taylor Russo and friends at Fake Patty's Day in Manhattan

Do you have any office nicknames?  Tusso, T. Russo, TRusso (pronounced true-so), Tay Ru, Tyeesha

What’s your favorite KC restaurant?  This tough because I literally LOVE food. Top favorites are probably BRGR, Char Bar, or Artego Pizza.

Taylor Russo and her dad in photo booth props

What is something that no one would know about you by looking at you?  I can secretly break it down. People are always surprised when I hit the dance floor.

Taylor Russo dancing

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Germany or Greece. I have been to Italy, France, and Spain, but these two are definitely next on my bucket list. Can you say schnitzel?!

Taylor Russo and family in front of Eiffel tower

Any Pet Peeves? Crumbled up straw wrappers. Can’t tell you why, but it literally drives me crazy.

Describe yourself in 3 words.  Creative. Amiable. Passionate.

young Taylor Russo and friend in girl scouts

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