Technical Management

Technical Management

High level organizations will often faced with some considerable technical considerations that people should keep in mind. Every stage of the planning and design process can be improved with the assistance of technical management. It may be helpful for businesses to also identify some areas for improvement, especially with regard to the technology that they tend to use. Some people will be impressed by all of the advantages that they will get from a technical manager. The management team should be fully capable of overseeing the implementation of a new server across the network of computers within the organization. This can help every employee operate on a more efficient basis and give them the tools that they need going forward. These technical managers will even be able to host training sessions, which will get everyone within the company up to speed about the challenges that they may be facing.

Go Local Interactive Hosting Services

Go Local Interactive has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide cutting edge services for all website and web application development and hosting. Amazon is the industry leader in cloud based services for computing, storage, DNS, email, and databases. Go Local uses all of these services to provide reliable and cost effective hosting for both our clients and our own internal applications.

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances instances working with EC2 load balancers provide redundant, stable hosting with excellent performance. EC2 also allows our developers to create temporary servers on the fly specifically for development and testing of new features without interrupting or risking the status of production servers. This provides maximum uptime and maximum performance for our permanently hosted websites and applications.

Simple Email Service (SES) allows websites and web applications to send outgoing email to customers independently of our production servers, ensuring further stability and eliminating the chance of any production server from being flagged by spam blacklists.

Simple Storage Service (S3) provides long term storage for all file and database backups, allowing us to store rolling snapshot backups for several months. Because S3 provides large storage volumes for a very low cost, you can be assured no website or application is too large or small to be backed up on a regular basis.

Relational Database Service (RDS) provides for robust, scalable database instances that provide independence and data integrity for all ranges of web development, from a simple 10 page website to complex, data driven applications. RDS allows databases to run independent of production servers, allowing large databases to be accessed by thousands of concurrent users without affecting the performance of the web servers.

Route 53 provides all necessery DNS services including hosted nameservers, MX records, A records, AAAA records, and CNAME records. This allows clients to own and manage their domain names with any registrar but allow Go Local Interactive to manage all relavent DNS records.

What To Look for in a Technical Management Team

Finding the right technical management team should be a top priority for many organizations out there. This can go a long way towards ensuring that new projects are handled well and that staff are brought up to speed. Everyone involved on the team should be committed to producing innovation within the department. This may mean adapting new types of software programs that are being developed. It may also mean finding out what kind of investment the company should make for incorporating this kind of technology. The technical management team will be tasked with organizing some expansive projects, which will undoubtedly bring about some challenges. When a company brings these professionals on board, they should be able to just trust their experience to see these projects through to the end. This will be an important investment that will guarantee a return for these companies.