Local Listings Management

Next right, local dominance.

It’s right there in our name: Local is in. If online local listings are the next sliced bread, our Local Listings Management team are the bakers. With paper maps and printed phone books all but obsolete, our team puts your business in the hands of the consumer, straight from Siri’s mouth.

By confirming your proper contact information, address, and business hours, your customers will show up to the right place at the right time. Our team oversees everything from auditing the accuracy of your listings to monitoring incoming reviews. A claimed and maintained online local listing will not only increase the reliability of your business, it’ll help with search rankings as well.  

Our Products in Crime

SEO: Local listings accuracy is a ranking factor on its own, but coupled with identical company website information, Google is even more likely to show your information for relevant searches.

Paid Media: By syncing up local listings management with your paid media campaigns, you can provide your address and phone number in ads, producing a better user experience.