Case Study: Reduced Cost Per Lead by 42%


Our client was having difficulty controlling their cost per lead from online marketing efforts. We analyzed keyword traffic and cost per click by market in order to establish separate cost per lead goals for each of their service areas. Using these new goals, we developed a market plan for each service area and only chose media channels that would meet the cost per lead objectives.


For markets with low cost per lead goals, we limited our advertising and focused heavily on promoting their website and online business listings. For markets with high cost per lead goals, we supplemented their organic presence with paid search and call boost advertising. This allowed us to target specific pest services that were converting well and generating a higher purchase value.


Our ability to adjust the marketing budget at the location level ensured that each location received an adequate amount of leads while operating within the cost per lead expectations. This strategy led to a 42% decrease in their overall cost per lead.

Campaigns Implemented: Local Perceptions, SEO, Paid Search, Call Boost, Social Media