Page Load Time

Importance of Page Speed

Page load time is an important component in your website’s success. It is so important, in fact, that Google factors it into its search engine rankings. Assuming all else is equal, your site could take a hit in search engine results simply for having slower page load times than your competitors.

Page Load Times Affect the User Experience

Perhaps even more importantly, slow loading pages can reduce traffic and turn off visitors to your site. Web users have high time demands and expect websites to load quickly. Websites that hang or take too long to load important content will cause users to find what they need on another site.

What Causes Slow Load Times?

Many factors affect load times. The most obvious culprits are slow or overloaded servers, files that are larger than necessary, such as images, and issues with databases or Javascript. Resources linked from other websites can also contribute to slow load times if those websites are slow to respond as well.

How We Can Help

We examine your website to determine the exact issues that are causing slow page load times. Depending on your site’s unique needs, we implement the following solutions:

• Image and resource compression
• Server optimization
• Structured jQuery and Javascript
• PHP dynamic development

We will work with you to get your site at its optimum load times, improving user experience and search engine rankings.