n. Provides customer experience optimization software that can gather data through various testing strategies. They also offer products for websites and mobile options.

Optimization (PPC)

v. The process of modifying ad campaigns to improve the quality and performance of AdWords ads through Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Open Source

adj. A way of implementing the use of a certain program or tool (usually a form of code) to the public for anyone to use and manipulate to their needs. It allows everyone access to tools and code for free and is typically one of the best...

Off-page (site) optimization

Optimization that takes place outside of a particular website. Off-page optimization may include, but is not limited to, building business listing profiles in IYPs, creating inbound links, and cross-referencing websites and other social profile domains. Increasingly, social media engagement is being considered by SEOs as an off-page...

On-page (site) optimization

Optimization that takes place within the pages of a particular website. On-page optimization may include, but is not limited to, modifying page content, meta tags, navigation structure, URL structure, and implementing sitemaps and microdata.

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