Tim D

Tim D.


in Product, Organic, Content

As the guy who finds answers to things like the difference between saying ‘I’m down for that’ and ‘I’m up for that,’ Tim’s perfect for the Creative Services team. But he’s not just good with his words – he’s also got design and coding skills. In fact, he knows a lot about a lot, so, if you ever go to trivia night, Tim’s the one you want on your team. When he’s not seamlessly integrating keywords or avidly researching his latest curiosity, he’s listening to music. That music is usually an obscure band in concert or one of the 28,000 tracks on his 160GB iPod Classic. Yes, he still has an iPod. Yes, he stills buys music to support artists, even in the age of Spotify and Pandora. You could listen to all of Tim’s music, too – if you have 80 days of continuous free time.

Loves: Royals, Chiefs, music, movies, Mexican food, national parks, spoken word poetry, Arnold Schwarzenegger films, Dr Pepper, puns

Aspirations: Continue improving time management, writing skills, staying on top of marketing trends. Outside of work, he’d like to get more civically involved with volunteering.

Certifications: Google Analytics