Tessa L

Tessa L.


in Product, Organic, Content, Social Media

If all that glitters is gold, then all that sparkles is Tessa. This creative powerhouse manages the entire blogging process for our clients, which requires a lot of imagination and a lot of research. She also acts as the wordsmith behind a lot of other content we produce for clients and GLI. When she’s not serving as the one and only Princess of Punctuation, she’s kicking and punching up a storm in boxing class. Oh, we also can’t forget to mention the one time she put dishes left in the sink into the dishwasher. She’s just great like that.

Loves: Glitter, puppies, creative content, cookies, FRIENDS (the TV show, and her actual friends), family, exercising, Spring, social media, traveling, learning

Aspirations: Running, design, and living in the moment  

Awards: Rising Star Award 2017

Certifications: Hootsuite Platform, Microsoft Excel