Shelby P.

Paid Media Specialist

in Product, Paid, PPC

If you’re running an ad campaign, a Paid Media Specialist like Shelby is invaluable to your success. From optimizing social ad campaigns to researching keywords, she develops strategies to guide the right audience at the right time to our partners’ ads. When Shelby’s on the job, you’ll reach your potential customers efficiently and effectively while keeping your budget happy. Speaking of happy, the only thing Shelby loves more than delivering tangible results to GLI partners is snuggling her dog. And when she’s not raising your conversion rate, you can find her lifting weights at the gym.

Loves: Her dog, the ocean, volunteering as an animal shelter photographer, listening to true crime podcasts, doing her makeup, trying new restaurants, travelling, and spending quality time with her family and friends

Aspirations: Becoming more comfortable with making mistakes and using them as learning lessons rather than giving into perfectionism

Certifications: Google Ads (Search & Display)