Michael P

Michael P.

Content Specialist

in Product, Content

As our own Duke of Dictation, Michael crafts copiously curated content for clients, acts as emissary for elevating audience engagement, and is the self-appointed Generalissimo of Grammar (there’s also a small chance he likes alliteration). In short, he does words good. So good, in fact, we don’t need an A.P. Stylebook with him around. When he’s not writing, editing, conducting market research, or answering our endless grammar questions,  Michael is likely out and about, taking a walk around our building, or culling the Red Vines population in the GLI pantry.   

Loves: His wife, donuts, eating donuts with his wife, restaurants where he can’t pronounce anything on the menu, dive bars, telling jokes in dive bars, beer festivals, adventures with friends, meeting new friends, getting lost in a good book, visiting a national park and basking in the devastating beauty of nature, and Nicolas Cage movies

Aspirations: The best version of himself, and to positively inspire others in a professional and personal capacity.

Certifications: Google Analytics

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