Melanie T

Melanie T.

Director of Product

in Leadership, Product

As Director of Product Melanie is the captain of all our paid advertising products, including PPC, call boost, and social advertising. She oversees the team and ensures that our ad campaigns for our varying channels and partners are in tip-top shape. A longtime Go Localite, Melanie is extremely knowledgeable about our products and is passionate about staying innovative and solving puzzles and problems. When not working with ad campaigns, you can find the always-active Melanie playing rec kickball, volunteering in the community, operating her dog sitting business, or spending an evening at one of her many favorite Kansas City hangout spots.

Loves: Dogs, board games, dogs, trying new foods, dogs, exploring the city, her nieces and nephews, and dogs (we can’t forget to mention she also loves dogs)

Aspirations: Striving to be better at relaxing...and baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie

Awards: Best Supporting Cast Member - 2016 | Energizer Bunny Award - 2016, 2017 | Sales Support Person of the Year - 2015, 2017 | Most Likely to Save a Stray Animal - 2015 | Best Pumpkin Carving - 2015, 2016 | Chili Cook-Off Winner - 2014, 2015 | Most Valuable Team Member - 2018

Certifications: Google Analytics + Google AdWords

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