Matthew G

Matthew G.


in Client Services

POP QUIZ: Which of these things is true about Matt? a) He has a twin brother named Peter, b) He’s the first person to climb Mount Everest blindfolded, or c) He works with a variety of clients and tackles their problems head-on while making recommendations to improve their return on investment and help them reach their goals. If you guessed c, wow, you’re pretty good at this game! As a strategist, Matt is an essential intermediary between our product teams and clients. To borrow a sports analogy (he loves those), he’s like a pitcher, the ball is a client’s goal, and we’re at the plate waiting to hit it out of the park. That all made sense, right?

Loves: His wife and boys, dogs, Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas City Chiefs and Royals, playing volleyball, and his PS4

Aspirations: Listening