Madison G

Madison G.

Senior SEO Coordinator

in Product, Organic, Search Engine Optimization

As a Senior SEO Coordinator, Maddy wears many hats at Go Local. She supports the SEO team by helping optimize our partners’ websites, whether it’s making meta description magic happen or keeping title tags in tip-top shape. She’ll find SEO solutions to help you rank higher in Google by thoroughly analyzing your website with precision. With certifications in Google Ads and Google Analytics, you’ll want this Google guru in charge of optimizing your website. Outside of the office, you can find Maddy honing her photography skills, working out, or watching HGTV. When it comes to sports, she’s a fan of all things Kansas City.

Loves: Photography, traveling, watching Kansas City sports, watching Netflix and HGTV, spending time with her nieces, and going to sporting events.

Certifications: Google Analytics | Google Ads | Google My Business | Digital Sales Certification

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