Laura F

Laura F.

Local Listings Coordinator

in Product, Organic, Local Listings

As a Local Perceptions Coordinator, Laura manages our clients local listings. In simpler terms: she makes sure their customers can find them. She does this with her keen attention to detail and lots of caffeine. She’s also a self-described coffee enthusiast and loves going to coffee shops. As far as her favorite shop, you’ll likely catch her sipping on an iced americano or a cold brew at Black Dog Coffee House. And speaking of dogs, Laura has as much passion and love for them as she does local listings. Her dog, other people’s dogs, it doesn’t matter. All dogs are her favorite dogs. And, maybe we’re biased, but we think Laura is their favorite, too.

Loves: Coffee, coffee shops, concerts, early morning exercising, attending sporting events, visiting with friends and family, dogs

Aspirations: Continue growing with GLI and to keep up on Local Perceptions trends

Certifications: Google Analytics

Laura's Musings.