Jessica H

Jessica H.

Senior Content Coordinator

in Product, Organic, Content

As a Senior Content Coordinator, Jess writes All the Things. She’s a savant at social media, a born blogger, and the princess of puns. Always interested in crafting the most engaging, relatable, and accurate content possible, Jess and her content serve our clients and their customers brilliantly. When not typing away in the content corner with fellow pun-lovers, Jess loves to go on long hikes with a purpose – and long drives without a purpose. Well, that, along with finding new restaurants and delicious dining experiences. What’s her favorite food, you ask? It’s probably a Thai.

Loves: Playing music (specifically the guitar and drums), finding new music to listen to on Spotify, great lunches, soft cookies, traveling

Aspirations: Writing and recording her debut solo album, catching every grammatical mistake humanly possible

Certifications: Google Analytics

Jessica's Musings.