Jesse G

Jesse G.

Local Listings Coordinator

in Product, Organic, Local Listings

As Local Perceptions Coordinator, Jesse does the important work of ensuring Go Local’s clients show up accurately on local searches. Her work helps clients get a leg up on their competition and ensures that there’s no frustration with wrong numbers or weird addresses. Jesse loves doing her job at Go Local because she can see her progress at the end of every day and check things off on her to-do list--and work with her great coworkers, of course. When not wrestling with Yelp, Apple, and Google, Jesse can be found making tea or coffee in the office break room.

Loves: Walks, caffeinated beverages, volunteering, crafting, baking

Aspirations: To not just be ‘good enough’ but great in everything she does

Certifications: Google My Business Basics, Google Analytics

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