Jeremy B

Jeremy B.


in Leadership, Product, Web

Jeremy didn’t invent the internet, but he’s the one responsible for making it more than just a bunch of ones and zeroes. He and his team build and manage everything about websites – from the servers on which they run to the styles that make them look great. And he does it all with a set of sideburns that would make the 1970s blush. If you catch him working on one of a million different side projects, be sure to say ‘hello,’ and don’t forget to ask him for his award-winning chili recipe!

Loves: Javascript, cooking, gamification, machine learning, papercrafts, esports

Aspirations: Transformational leadership

Awards: Rookie of the Year - 2016 | Most Creative (Halloween) Costume - 2016 | Chili Master - 2017 | Extra Mile Award - 2017 | Leader of the Year - 2018

Certifications: Basic Chinese Linguist (DLIFLC), Slack Certified