Hannah T

Hannah T.

Junior Web Designer

in Product, Web

If you need a sharp looking logo, a smooth animation, or any other kind of digital artistic creation, Hannah is the one you want to do it. As a Junior Web Designer, Hannah helps all our departments by ensuring that our visual content is current and stands out in a crowded design field—enjoying whenever there’s free food in the office while doing it. In her spare time, Hannah never misses an Iowa State basketball or football game, and loves to spend time golfing. As you might expect, she’s also a talented painter and artist, and enjoys creating her own pieces as well as visiting art museums for inspiration.

Loves: All things Iowa State, traveling, binge watching a good true crime show

Aspirations: Trying to be a more healthy person, to develop meaningful work relationships, and to learn Spanish

Certifications: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Illustration (it counts as a certification; why not?)