Grace G

Grace G.

SEO Specialist

in Product, Organic, Search Engine Optimization

Grace helps our clients with their search engine optimization, hence her fitting title as SEO Coordinator. A standard day for Grace involves sifting through digital mountains of data, analyzing it to find useful information, and assisting our SEO Specialists with reporting and audits. Like a cyber mechanic, Grace tunes websites so that they can be easily found by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and anything else somebody uses - Ask Jeeves, anyone? Grace loves balancing work and fun, and also coffee, because Go Local employees are into coffee and she is 100% here for that.

Loves: Trivia nights, dogs, reading, collecting more books than can possibly be read, psychology, dogs, baking, and also dogs

Aspirations: To always continue asking questions and learning, and maybe also to keep all her plants alive (but who’s counting?)

Certifications: Google Analytics, Google Ads Fundamentals

Grace's Musings.