Doug M

Doug M.

Content Coordinator

in Product, Organic, Content

Doug writes digital marketing and ad copy for a variety of Go Local clients in his position as Content Coordinator. In other words, he makes the stuff you see on those website things. With swift and creative strokes of his cyber pen, Doug helps brands tell their stories in ways that intersect with their customers’ own stories--that is, if he’s not out picking something up for lunch yet again. In his free time, Doug enjoys hanging out with his wife and son or working on another novel. Yes, Doug is a published author. He won’t brag about it, but we’ll do it for him.

Loves: Healthcare activism, worthless trivia from Wikipedia, terrible 80s action movies, making extremely varied Spotify playlists, building his record collection

Aspirations: Striving to be a more engaged citizen and to stay ahead of the digital marketing trend curve

Awards: Content Team Dad (unofficial)

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