Chriss T

Chriss T.


in Leadership, Client Services

If you’re wondering what Chriss does, it’s probably better to ask what doesn’t he do. Chriss is our guy, the guy, and everybody’s guy to put it simply. He ensures optimal client satisfaction and product performance for new and existing clients, and takes the lead during the on-boarding process for new clients. On top of all that, he acts as a sounding board for new opportunities or challenging situations, and provides some solid advice and mentorship for the rest of us. We can’t forget to mention he’s responsible for a lot of the great hires we’ve had over the past few years. Just ask him about his stint in HR, we’re sure he’d love to tell you about it.

Loves: His wife (you should also ask him about the infamous prom picture), his dog, craft beer, fishing, hiking, KU basketball, Royals baseball, North Carolina, anything historical, traveling

Aspirations: Living in the moment

Awards: POTUS - 2016 | HR Manager of the Year - 2015 | MVP - 2014