Chelsea D

Chelsea D.


Chelsea, affectionately known on GLI Slack as Chels, has this superpower that can make anyone feel at ease. We’re not sure how, but we think it has something to do with her bubbly personality, aptitude for listening, and Texas-born confidence. Regardless, it serves her well as an account strategist, where she gets to help companies realize their opportunities in the digital landscape. Chelsea approaches her accounts like she would a good recipe – and as a baker and a cook, she knows what she’s doing. It all starts with the ingredients, or as she calls them, “a team of incredibly smart marketers.” In her spare time, Chelsea can be found exploring KC’s bike trails and Farmer’s Markets, where she hunts for fresh ingredients to spice up her latest culinary creation. Her goal is to build good relationships by serving others – and not just with her delicious cookies. (What can we say, food is the way to our hearts around here.)

Loves: Writing, reading, cycling, the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks, the Baylor Bears, food, her dog Huck, and her hubby, who is “the funniest human on earth”