Brock H

Brock H.

SEO Coordinator

in Product, Organic, Local Listings

As an SEO Coordinator, Brock helps coordinate our SEO programs for our clients (shocker, right?). Brock does this by acting as a swiss army knife for our SEO department, assisting on a variety of projects to equip our clients’ websites to rank higher on Google and Bing. Brock is knowledgeable and skilled at both technical SEO and the art of client communication. When he’s not working, you can often see Borck walking his two adorable dogs, playing video games, or trying to convince his friends and coworkers that a conspiracy theory is, actually, true.

Loves: Anything soccer related (playing, watching, coaching, debating whether or not it should be called ‘football’), going to the beach, listening to music, drawing (specifically, calligraphy)

Aspirations: Being a better communicator, professionally and personally

Awards: Best Ugly Sweater - 2018 Best Ugly Sweater - 2019

Certifications: Google My Business