Brock H

Brock H.

Local Listings Coordinator

in Product, Organic, Local Listings

Brock puts our clients on the map, and we mean that as literally as possible. As Local Perceptions Coordinator, Brock monitors our clients’ various location pages on sites like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Yelp and ensures everything is up to date, accurate, and optimized. He’s the guy that stops customers from calling the wrong number or driving to a taco place instead of a self storage location because the address was wrong. Brock loves working at Go Local with his awesome coworkers and relishes the opportunity to get better each and every day.

Loves: Anything soccer related (playing, watching, coaching, debating whether or not it should be called ‘football’), going to the beach, listening to music, drawing (specifically, calligraphy)

Aspirations: Being a better communicator, professionally and personally

Awards: Best Ugly Sweater - 2018

Certifications: Google My Business