Why You Should Move your Site Hosting to the Cloud

Web services that are in The Cloud have begun to gain popularity while reducing complexity, improving efficiency, and providing hosting customers with a far better product

With so many hosting providers for small business out there, a lot of firms can get lost in all the technical options and prices. Often, once committed to a particular hosting service, technical managers loathe to leave or reorganize, and are stuck with overpriced services, hard to understand back-end options for their providers, and often web development help that may not understand the advantages to using a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services.

As a web developer I have been involved in the web in one form or another since it’s inception, starting with clunky bulletin board systems that loaded slowly, were hard to manage, and had esoteric controls that few understood. Thus it is with many hosting providers nowadays, despite the intervening decades. Luckily cloud services such as AWS have begun to gain popularity while reducing complexity, improving efficiency, and providing hosting customers with a far better product. Some advantages to moving your servers to the Cloud (adapted from here.)

Trade Capital Expense for Variable Expense

Pay for only the services used, instead of up-front costs for servers that use excess resources.

Benefit from Aggregation

Cloud users share servers with other customers, and thus lower variable costs for computing.

No More Guessing Capacity

Cloud servers provide as little or as much as needed to handle your audience, so no more need to guess on infrastructure capacities with traditional providers.

Increase SPEED

The best reason; not only do cloud servers increase page delivery speeds in most cases, the commensurate speeding-up translates to development speed, and cost. Even infrastructure handling is sped up by simplified controls and a better way of handling traffic.

 Focus on Customers

Cloud computing lowers or eliminates the need for server support personnel, freeing you up to handle your business.

Global Reach

Cloud services allow resources to be moved to data centers around the world quickly and efficiently.

Backup and Recovery

Cloud  services providers such as Amazon provide cheap ways to backup sensitive information that may not have been easily possible with traditional hosting providers, so you won’t have to worry about losing data due to server power or component failure.

With so many good reasons to move resources to the Cloud, it just makes sense to make the switch. Want to learn more or find out how Go Local can help? Check out our Web Development Page or contact us today!

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