Why discuss marketing? Go Local Podcast, episode 01

Go Local Podcast episode 01 Why Discuss Marketing?

This is the first episode (actually second; listen to the podcast to understand that strange discrepancy) of the Go Local Podcast, where we discuss marketing in a conversational and fun way. For this first episode, we ask why it’s important to talk about marketing in the first place.

While we take a few tangents during this episode our ultimate goal is to explore why talking about marketing is important. Is it our responsibility as marketers to educate consumers and fellow marketers? Is data gathering for the purpose of better marketing an ethical responsibility? Is this podcast just an ego-stroke? Maybe to all three.

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The panel:

  • Caleb Ross – Senior Product Manager of SEO (@notSEO)
  • Anna Chandler – SEO Specialist (@AnnaChandlerSEO)
  • Kim Velten – Content Specialist
  • Jeremy Sterling – SEO Specialist


Smart things we said:

Kim Velten, Content Specialist“By talking about marketing, we are opening the conversation about what people actually want.”

– Kim Velten, Content Specialist

Anna Chandler, SEO Specialist“We are basically drowning in advertising now-a-days. There is so much of it out there, everywhere we turn. But it doesn’t mean that if you start screaming louder you’re going to be heard in that crowd. In fact, the louder you scream the more people turn from the advertising.”

– Anna Chandler, SEO Specialist

Caleb Ross, Senior Product Manager of SEO“If marketing is done really, really well then it benefits all parties. It benefits the consumer. It benefits the advertiser. ”

– Caleb Ross, Senior Product Manager of SEO

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed not necessarily reflect those of our employer.

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