How a Marketing Agency Can Help Your Pest Control Business

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Let’s face it – if you own a busy pest control business, finding the time to develop your own successful marketing campaign can feel like an impossible undertaking. From limited resources to constantly shifting priorities, there are many obstacles that make it a real challenge to implement your own digital growth strategy. 

Nonetheless, your business thrives on brand awareness and customer engagement within the vast expanse of the World Wide Web. With the rise in popularity of e-commerce, search engine indexing, and the explosion of social media networks, digital marketing is more important than it has ever been and can make or break your business.

Of course, it takes a great deal of effort to ensure your pest control business is accessible to both new and returning customers in this digitally connected world. By now, you already know the hard truth: It’s extremely difficult to run business operations and establish a successful marketing campaign on your own.

But don’t fret because this is where digital marketing experts, like Go Local Interactive, can help.


A Marketing Agency Provides A Cost-Effective Solution

At first, hiring a digital marketing agency can seem like a daunting and expensive endeavor, but you may be surprised to learn just how cost-effective and valuable it can be. On average, you can partner with an agency for far less than the cost of an annual salary for a single in-house marketing manager.

Additionally, an agency provides you with a team that’s skilled in every aspect of digital marketing, rather than having one internal employee attempt to juggle all of your marketing initiatives.

Some benefits of working with a dedicated digital marketing agency include:

  • Gaining access to marketers with expertise in your niche
  • Benefiting from an agency’s experience creating successful marketing strategies
  • Conserving time by focusing on your company’s operations and bottom line
  • Saving money by avoiding new additions to your internal staff
  • Achieving a diversified marketing strategy that’s implemented immediately

From dedicated marketing managers who work with you to accomplish your business goals, to content creators and search engine optimization specialists that drive brand awareness, a well-versed marketing agency can provide your pest control business with a measurable marketing strategy that’s cost effective and drives results.


The Importance of Connecting With Customers On The Web

Over the course of a year, about 84 percent of homeowners in the United States experience a problem with some sort of pest. Additionally, nearly 22 percent of their homes sustain structural damage caused by nuisances like termites, ants, or beetles. And those potential customers are using the web to search for services. There are nearly 3.5 billion internet searches per day, and nearly 80 percent of all internet users utilize search engines to look up information and book services from local pest control businesses.

With such a large amount of your potential customer base using the internet to find your services, how can you be sure that your business stands out in a sea of online competitors?


A Strong Digital Presence Gives You a Competitive Advantage

With competition between businesses on the internet increasing every day, it can be a challenge to successfully reach your target audience and drive conversions (converting a person who browses your site into a paying customer). Maintaining a strong web presence on a regular basis is crucial to ensuring your business is accessible whenever a person searches for pest control services on the web.

A consistent web presence is especially important for pest control businesses due to pest pressure being climate-related, causing a spike in inquiries for certain pests during changing seasons. An agency with previous experience in the pest industry can help you create a calendar that breaks down what pests are currently active in your market. This insight allows a marketing team to create relevant search engine marketing ads and website content that will resonate with your diverse customer base.


SEO Implementation That Targets Your Audience

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a pivotal factor in marketing that oftentimes means the difference between your business having an optimal place on search engine results pages or being lost in an ocean of thousands of results. With a marketing agency on your side, experienced SEO specialists use analytical tools, real-time statistics, and location-based data to discover keywords or key phrases that your target customers are regularly searching for online.

By implementing a technical SEO strategy throughout your site, your pest zapping services can be easily found by both search engines and new prospects right when they need it.


Content That Sparks Organic Conversations

Not only can a marketing agency build brand awareness and drive lead generation through SEO, but they can also help spark genuine conversations with your customers through well-written content. Expert content creators write clear, concise, and conversational content that’s geographically relevant to your service areas, allowing your site visitors to engage with your business in a meaningful way.

When you partner with a digital marketing agency, dedicated content writers can help shape your company’s tone and voice by focusing on conversations your customers are coming to your site to have. With compelling, timely content implemented on a regular basis, your target audience will have a better website experience that will result in more leads and conversions.


Paid Media Solutions That Drive Immediate Results

When potential customers seek out pest control services on the web, they’re doing so with the hope that they will find an immediate solution. More often than not, homeowners with any type of pest trouble are under a great deal of stress, and it’s up to your site to answer their questions right away.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, paid media specialists can create ads to target your customers on a granular level, giving your site primary real estate at the top of search engine results pages. By leveraging data on demographics, trends, and search habits of your entire customer base, a paid media team can help you control where you should focus your spending and frequently optimize your ads to be as efficient as possible.


Universal Web Accessibility

In the US alone, there are more than 37 million people with a disability who need just as much access to your services as able-bodied customers – but whom may have a harder time navigating the web. These users can utilize special web accessibility tools –  such as screen readers, special keyboards, speech recognition software, and screen magnifiers – to move their way through your website, but many do not have the means to purchase these expensive devices. Due to this, the design and content of your site must be streamlined and easy to understand, as you could unintentionally exclude a huge number of people in need of your help.

Good web developers realize the inherent importance of creating websites that adhere to the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines and the Americans with Disabilities Act. With advanced web technology services from an agency, your site can be created to provide an accessible infrastructure for anyone in need of your pest control services and deliver you new leads. 

Disabilities that could have an impact on the design of your website include:

  • Color blindness
  • Eyesight loss
  • Auditory impairments
  • Motor impairments
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Vestibular disorders and seizures

Website accessibility can be a tricky thing to implement on your own, but if your website is accessible, it opens the door to a large chunk of potential customers you would not be able to reach otherwise. Regardless of disability, a well-designed website will give any user seeking out your business the ability to have their questions answered with ease.


Go Local Interactive Can Help Your Pest Control Business Grow

Here at Go Local, we understand how difficult it can be to run day-to-day pest control operations while creating a digital marketing campaign that achieves measurable results. With eight out of 10 consumers using search engines on a regular basis to discover information about local businesses, establishing your online presence has become more important than ever when it comes to generating new opportunities and leads.

To find out how measurable marketing from Go Local Interactive can help your pest control business reach new digital heights, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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