Content with a purpose

There are so many factors that play into a solid online marketing strategy. One of them includes knowing the importance of having good content on your website and at every consumer touchpoint.

Seems a bit obvious. But think about it: You interact and engage with content every single day. You’re doing it right now. Maybe you’re trying to get a feel for what our company culture is like. Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a new marketing agency and want a better grasp of our product offerings.

Whatever the case, content plays a huge role in helping customers determine what brands they trust, what products catch their interest, and ultimately, which ones they want to buy.

That means you need a strategy to figure out who you’re talking to, what you want to say, and how you want to say it. And you need a Content Marketing team who can do it all.

What is Content Marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute defines the term as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, over time, to drive profitable customer action.”

How we define it, in simpler terms: Content with a purpose.

At Go Local, Content Marketing is more than just creating words. It’s a strategic approach that really resonates with your customers. Whether that’s through educating, entertaining, or simply focusing on your brand loyalty, everything we write and create is done purposefully.

How it Works

What makes Go Local’s Content Marketing program different is not only the strategic approach, but the extensive reporting on key performance indicators. All of that is done through a four-phase process spanning the course of about a year.

  • PRELAUNCH: Fact Finding. This is where our team digs a little deeper into your company history to determine your specific goals. Everything – including our strategy, tactics, and reporting – is designed to support and measure the success of those goals.
  • PHASE 1: Target Market. We want to know more than just who we’re talking to. We want to know what they care about, what they like to do, and most importantly, how we will speak to them. Our team will help determine who exactly your target audience is, and make sure our findings align with your existing brand.
  • PHASE 2: 41-Point Review. Our team will then examine the quality of the content on your website. We look at everything from small grammatical errors, to how users are interacting with your site. From there, we’ll determine a game plan to make revisions to existing content, as well as creating new content to increase conversion rates.
  • PHASE 3: Plan & Create. This is where it really gets fun. We’ll brainstorm ideas to come up with your unique content marketing plan, including tactics, distribution and how to track success. Then, we’ll get to work creating all the pieces. Some of the creative options we provide include:
    • eBooks
    • White Papers
    • Visual How-Tos
    • Infographics
    • Enhanced Blogs
    • Content Static Pages
    • Typographical Videos
  • PHASE 4: Distribution & Reporting. Now it’s time to let the work speak for itself. During this phase, we’ll distribute the content on a monthly basis and use custom reporting to determine its performance – like user conversion and user engagement rates. Once it’s all done, we’ll look at performance for the year and proudly tell you, “The campaign was a success. Now let’s do it again.”

Go with the Content Marketing Experts at Go Local

Now that we’ve made clear just how important content is, it’s time to get a plan in place. With a coherent Content Marketing strategy crafted by Go Local, you can set yourself apart from your competitors using a strategy that’s handcrafted, adaptable, and most importantly – a strategy that works.

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