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The Call Boost Network

Phone calls remain the primary way to connect businesses with their local customers. The Call Boost network puts your brand and locations in front of potential customers who are searching for your products or services across a wide variety of marketing channels. These channels include print and Internet yellow page directories, local search sites, online ad networks, mobile applications and more. We research and select the best Call Boost partners for your business category, and we work directly with you to establish acceptable cost per call and qualified call duration terms.

Advertise Your Brand and Locations

We then place advertising on your behalf across the Call Boost Network in order to generate quality phone calls to your locations or call center. One of the primary benefits of Call Boost is its flexibility. The product allows for the testing of multiple marketing channels simultaneously, while still keeping a low risk level because you are only paying for quality phone calls that meet the outlined terms.

Only Pay For Quality Calls

All calls are tracked by source so we can monitor performance for each Call Boost partner. This means we have the flexibility to add or remove partners based on call quality and conversion rates. There is no charge for repeat callers, and the qualified call duration ensures that you are only paying for quality leads.

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