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Business owners understand the importance of appearing in Google’s search results yet those search results can change frequently. So, why do Google results change so often?

This webinar answers that question by reviewing the various influences that may impact the order of Google search results...


An ecommerce company wanted to integrate email marketing as an integral part of their overall revenue driven marketing strategy. Email has consistently been one of the best mediums to drive traffic and sales and has an outstanding ROI. According to recent research, 70% of people reportedly...

Campaign Goal:

Increase accuracy of business information appearing on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and

A regional health care company only had a 38% accuracy with their online local listings.


Combine data correction at the aggregator level with direct data feed to Google

Go Local Interactive saw an opportunity to...

With the emergence of smartphones, search engines, and social media, establishing a local web presence is now more important than ever. This is compounded by the fact that a majority of people are searching online for a business located within just a...

In addition to their presence on the Internet, business owners are spending a lot of marketing dollars to make their phones ring. Unfortunately, many of these phone calls do not ultimately convert to a sale. To improve conversion rates on phone calls, businesses must continue to improve the management of...

Campaign Goal:

Increase organic traffic to a variety of websites

Go Local Interactive took on several new clients that were unhappy with their previous agency’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Go Local Interactive was tasked with increasing the respective client’s organic traffic compared to the previous...

Campaign Goal:

Correct inaccurate business information online

A regional grocery store chain was in need of a solution to address their inaccurate online business listings. The store chain wanted to ensure that potential customers searching online found the most up-to-date and accurate store contact information including business name...

Campaign Goal:

An e-commerce client wanted to improve the online shopping experience on their website and increase sales for their sport and lifestyle product lines, which include apparel, gear bags, handbags and more.


Align the Website to the needs of the existing customer demographics while better serving...

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