In February of 2012 a regional health care company had big problems: people were not getting their accurate business information online. They had inaccurate addresses, phone numbers, website links and more on many of their listings online. In fact, only 38% of their total online listings were accurate. That means that 62% of the information out there about their business was wrong. Current and potential clients were calling the wrong numbers, driving to the wrong locations, and it was probably not only annoying to these people, but possibly kept them from choosing to do business with this health care company all together.

Allegiance Case Study

This is where we came in. The company came to Go Local Interactive looking for help to get this mess under control, and that is exactly what we did. We partnered up with top data providers: Infogroup, Axciom and Localeze and began distributing their location information monthly to over 230+ online and mobile sources. We also included a direct feed of information straight to Google. We then periodically conducted listing audits to find and correct their numerous errors.

The results were astounding! Remember that 38% listing accuracy? Well, just three months later, their listings across all sites were 71% accurate and now they are sitting at an amazing 94%! That is a 143% increase in accuracy since their benchmark in February 2012. People are now getting the correct information about this company and are finally able to contact them with ease.

Allegiance Case Study2

One of the main factors that helped us achieve such great success with this client, is that they provided us with their updated location information monthly. Having a consistent and frequent flow of correct information allows for us to keep that information flowing online as well.

The information flow, paired with our hardworking local perceptions team, worked magic on this company’s local listings and it could work magic for your company’s listings too. Want to know more about what Go Local can do to enhance your online listings? Check out our Local Perceptions page or Contact us today!

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