v. Finding information on prospective buyers, like consumers or companies, using information from their blogs or websites.

TLD – Top Level Domain

n. The highest level of a domain hierarchy. For instance would be the TLD for lower level domains like or (country code specific).

Tier One Search Engines

n. Known as the most popular search engines that dominate the internet in terms of how many people use them. These would be search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Third Level Domain

n. The first part of a domain seen by users. It is typically found to the left of the second domain in a URL. (i.e. in, the “www” is the third level domain.)

Title Tag

This tag refers to the HTML tag that titles a web page.  The title tag contains the information that is displayed in the top bar of a browser.

Title attribute

A link or image attribute that provides supplementary information. Title attributes can generally be seen by hovering the mouse pointer over an image or link. The popup text that appears is the title attribute.

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