SSL – Secure Socket Layer

n. A security technology that can make secure links to transport important information such as SSN numbers and passwords from server to client. Using SSL is one way to protect websites from hackers seeing sensitive information.

SSI – Server Side Includes

n.Scripting commands within HTML pages that include dynamic content of one or more files into a web page. They are easily updated, and are useful for including a common piece of code throughout a site, like headers, footers, and navigation menus.

SQL – Structured Query Language

n. An interactive programming language used for updating specific databases. SQL became a standard for the American National Standards Institute in 1986 and is the programming language most used today.

SOW – Scope of Work

n. A contract between client and agency that lists guidelines to be followed when completing a specific project. SOWs usually include a timeline, goals, and objectives.

SLD – Second Level Domain

n. The area of the URL that specifies a unique IP address and name and commonly includes the name of the organization that registered the domain. (i.e. In the name “Google” is the second level domain.)


n. A set of links, usually gathered on a single page, within a website that contains links to all existing static pages. SEO best practices dictate that the sitemap layout should mirror the architecture of the website. Types of sitemaps include user sitemaps and XML sitemaps.


n. A computer or network of computers that serve as a central resource in a network of many other computers and users. Servers are there to fulfill requests for specific users and clients and connect them to even larger networks.


n. An area within a website that is blocked off so software developers are able to test new code and make changes without affecting the rest of the site.

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