n. A tag used to ensure search engines are looking at the true version of a page. For example, if there was a page that was duplicated across multiple websites, in order not to be dinged on other websites for duplication of content, a rel=canonical would be put...

RT – Retweet

v. Retweeting is when you copy a tweet from a different user and re-post it to your feed so your users can see it.

Radio Buttons

n. A set of predefined options in a graphical web-form. Usually these are present as small dots that get filled in once selected. At least one must be selected before the prompt can continue. Typically this format is used in online surveys for multiple choice questions.

Result SERP

n. Refers to the number of results that appear on a Google Search Engine Results Page [SERP]. Prior to 2012, Google searches resulted in no less than 10 site links on the first page of search results. In a move to make results as relevant as possible,...

Referral traffic

n. The visits to a webpage that originate from another website, not including visits from search engines and direct referrals.


n. Commonly expanded as Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a web feed format that utilizes XML to syndicate frequently updated information such as blog posts, forum threads, and news headlines.

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