Proxy Page

n. Mirror image of a website used for the purpose of tracking a Pay Per Click campaign. The proxy page includes call tracking numbers in place of original phone numbers. Conversion tracking codes may be placed on the thank you/submission pages of the proxy site in order...


n. A set of standards that show how traffic and communications are handled by a computer or network.


v. Taking software that is in one environment and moving it to another environment. This can also be used when referring to porting computer hardware, such as other devices.


n. A website that lets people enter into the internet by providing useful links and information so a user is easily directed throughout the world wide web.

Port (software)

n. The location on the computer where the information is sent through. Each port has its own IP address and port number.

Port (hardware)

n. Open receptacles to connect computers to another computer or device. Ports are used to plug in speakers, keyboards, monitors, etc.


n. Applications that can be downloaded and used on your web page to add capabilities not included in a template. They are considered easy to use since they are automatically recognized and can easily integrate into your page.


v. A way of locating specific users or items within a server. To ping is to send out a call that returns specific results, similar to sonar. Used to verify IP addresses of users online to ensure they are using the right address.

PHP – Hypertext Processor

n. A scripting language that is free (open source) and available for everyone’s use. PHP is used to interpret and perform operations on a web page before the page has been requested by a specific user.


n. Similar to a blog, but in a directory format with a collection of files. Phlogs are run on Gopher Protocol servers that collect documents from all over the internet. The name phlog comes from the most typical directory, a photo blog, thus ph-log.

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