v. Typically used in social media, a mention is “tagging” a person or business in a post in order to recognize or name them. In Twitter, it’s called @mention, because in order to actually tag the person, you have to use the @ symbol before entering their...

Map Pack

n. The section of a search engine results page (SERP) that shows a local map with results for what is being searched. Map packs are triggered when local search terms are included within the search parameters.

Manual Verification

v. Ensures and verifies that specific answers, passwords and codewords are correct. (Ex. Manually verifying answers on an answer sheet for an exam).


n. Data used for testing purposes. You are able to test certain software and pull up mock data to show to clients or to use in presentations. You can use certain software programs to format the data.


n.  Information that is put into the backend of your webpage to make it easier for computers to understand and read the content of your page. Search engines also use Microdata to gather information in order to tweak their article snippets.

Meta (tags)

Meta tags provide additional information about the content of a webpage. The most commonly utilized meta tags are the Description and Keywords tags. The title tag, though not technically a meta element, is commonly grouped into discussions about meta tags. Meta tags appear between the <head> </head>...

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