LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing

v. LSI groups documents into two groups. Documents that have many words in common are considered semantically close and documents that do not have many words in common are semantically distant. LSI matches keywords to results using whole documents, rather than just the keywords within the documents.

Link Juice

n. The value or importance assigned to a link (used to be included in PageRank calculations) and the authority it passes along to other websites. This term is mostly used in SEO when talking about a link’s power. For example, a link with high importance will pass...


v. Is the principles or arrangements in a computer or device that makes it decide on doing a specific task. It refers to the basic operation and structures  of a certain device.

LAN – Local Area Network

n. A network that connects computers and devices that share a server in a certain geographical area through a local (or hardwired) connection. A network can serve a various number of users who can also share files and data between each other. There are many different types...

Landing Page

n. An active web page where people ‘land’ when clicking through a link. In digital marketing, PPC campaigns refer to landing pages as the destination the ad targets. The web address for this page is sometimes referred to as a ‘destination URL’ or ‘click through URL.’

Link building

v. The practice of increasing link popularity, and in turn search engine rankings, by acquiring inbound links to a website. Generally speaking, the more quality inbound links pointing to a webpage, the higher that webpage will rank for associated keywords.

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